Corkage Laws in Massachusetts

Posted by on February 5, 2012

From an article in The Wine Spectator:

As more Americans drink wine regularly with meals, more are asking their favorite restaurants that perennial question: Can I bring my own bottle? Like most practices created in the aftermath of Prohibition, corkage laws are a jigsaw puzzle of arcane, contradictory and confusing rules that vary from state to state and even from town to town.

Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, Arizona, and Delaware permit corkage (bringing your own wine) only at establishments with no liquor license.

Most state laws do not address corkage fees and leave them to the discretion of the restaurants.

We here at the The Fancy Chicken agree that the bottle you bring in should be a special bottle — and by “special,”  a bottle not already available in the restaurant!  It’s a good idea to offer a small glass to the manager, chef, or sommelier. You’d be surprised at how much that is appreciated!


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